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Knock on Wood

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knock on wood

pellet stove

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Welcome to the Knock on Wood website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Since 1960, we have been selling fuel, which is essential to our lives, in Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture.

In two years, we will celebrate the 65th anniversary of our founding.

In addition to oil and propane, we also handled coal and coke in the old days.

We did not handle firewood and charcoal in the past, but we plan to handle firewood and charcoal along with wood pellets in the future.

 “Knock on wood”  literally translates to “knock on wood” but the origin of the word is the idea of the ancient Celts, who believed that spirits dwelled in trees. It means that I started knocking on trees when I prayed or when I wished for "continued good luck."

Knocking objects are not limited to trees, but wooden products (desks, tables, etc.) can also be used.

If you knock on the door and offer a small prayer to the tree spirit, your wish may come true.

We want to develop businesses related to the forests and trees in our hometown, to ensure that our businesses are sustainable, and that not only our staff and families but also everyone involved is happy. Brand  “Knock on Wood” We named it.




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〒028-7405  Iwate Prefecture

10-31-1 Tairadate, Hachimantai

Phone 0195-74-3100




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